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In “soft” I worked with the idea of metamorphosis, not only as a change in a concrete thing, such as silkworms, but as a natural and universal process. The cosmos is constantly changing, continual transmutations are in our daily lives, and not just as physical phenomena but as psychological and emotional events. The world is changing, so I can not think of a better time to talk about something so universal and profound at the same time. The metamorphosis is a little death but without death there is no change and without change there is no life, which is why these events we see them from a sense of calm, of one who accepts the reality as it is and that delves into everything happens and what does not, and is there in the whole, which is the beautiful, the sublime, the natural. As always, I would not give up my artistic research, I am interested in textures and organic materials and for this case, to evoke the simplicity and naturalness of this process, I have chosen a soft textures and warm tones.