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Thanks to last year’s Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp we met Myriam Moreno, a young doctorate student with her own jewellery brand. Conceptual and creative, her pieces show the development of ideas and concepts from the visual arts and performance.

The Valencian searches to build a renewed imagery for women and, after falling in love with her artefact that made us own the passing of time, we invited her to develop a capsule that celebrated women, equality and gave us a voice. There’s where My Rules was born.

A sterling silver medallion where to engrave a message, in 22 characters, to tell whatever we want. A jewel that gives us the freedom to express ourselves individually in a way that makes us feel comfortable, accepting that we are different and must not fit in a preestablished pattern.


This commitment with ourselves is what makes us capable of creating our own path towards our destiny. Let´s celebrate the now, who triumphs today and the support to the changes that brings us all together as equals.

From the 14th of February to the 10th of March lets talk with a strong voice, write your truth, exhibit your rules. With 22 characters we can tell a lot of things, engrave the message that better defines you. Find our medallion in selected stores or purchase it online. In only 4 working days you’ll be able to pick your unique jewel, created by and for you.